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Dr Ramesh Iyer

Breast & Endocrine Surgeon

Dr Ramesh Iyer is a general surgeon with special interest in breast and endocrine surgery.

Dr Iyer graduated from India and completed his surgical training with a gold medal from Mumbai university in 1996. He subsequently worked in various countries before migrating to Australia in 2005. He completed his FRACS from the Royal Australian college of Surgeons in 2008. He has been working as Consultant surgeon in Queensland since 2009.

Dr Ramesh Iyer has broad surgical interests but his area of specialist interest is in breast and endocrine surgery. He is particularly interested in offering oncoplastic breast surgery for breast cancers including reconstructions. He deals with thyroid and parathyroid conditions. He also offers laparoscopic surgery such as laparoscopic cholecystectomies, hernia repairs by open and laparoscopic techniques, Pilonidal sinus surgery with or without flaps, endoscopy, colonic resections, haemorrhoid surgeries and a range of acute surgical emergency surgeries.

He is a Senior Lecturer at University of Queensland and is the Discipline Academic Supervisor for General Surgery at the Ipswich clinical school. He takes an active interest in the Junior Doctor Education Program and is a member of Breast Surgeons of Australia & New Zealand (BreastsurgANZ).

To Contact Dr Ramesh Iyer
Please Call
3154 5979
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