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Dr Haseena Mohamed


Dr Mohamed has worked as a Paediatric Consultant in both Public and Private Hospitals, with both newborn and paediatric inpatient, as well as outpatient clinical care for a variety of complex paediatric conditions. Presently, she continues a keen interest in all aspects neonatology, infant feeding problems and child development.This includes children with learning difficulties, and children with complex needs.
Dr Haseena cherishes providing comprehensive and thorough paediatric care, giving full attention to treatment needs and expectations of the children as well as the hopes and concerns of their parents – all in a welcoming, friendly and supportive atmosphere.
After years of care on Brisbane’s Bayside, she looks forward to providing the same thorough high quality paediatric service to the families on the southside of Brisbane.

To Contact Dr Haseena Mohamed
Please Call
3345 8483
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