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DrVinod Khelgi 

Consultant Nephrologist

With a focus on long term relationships with patients and their families, Dr Khelgi is passionate about the value a genuine multi-disciplinary involvement of GP's, Allied Health and Specialists can provide.

With a gentle presence, Dr Khelgi likes to understand the full picture and this is enhanced with his General Physician training and experience.


  1. Chronic kidney disease and management

  2. Hypertension management - Secondary causes, Resistant and Labile Hypertension

  3. Haematuria and Proteinuria

  4. Immune-mediated kidney diseases

  5. Management of chronic and complex medical conditions

  6. Drug interactions in renal impairment

  7. Cardiorenal syndrome

To Contact Dr Vinod Khelgi
Please Call
3345 8483
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