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Dr John Gibbons


Dr Gibbons has maintained a strong focus and interest in the assessment and performance of quality in endoscopic and colonoscopic procedures. His main motivation for this commitment to quality improvement, is obtaining the best possible outcomes for his patients. This is achieved through ongoing research, evaluation and the employment of the latest advanced techniques, technologies and equipment.
Dr Gibbons' special interests include therapeutic endoscopy and colonoscopy, endomucosal resection, inflammatory bowel disease as well as ERCP. With these more refined skills, he now manages specific pre-malignant conditions and early malignancies (cancers) without the need for surgery.
Dr Gibbons has taken an active leadership role in the gastroenterology community having been Director of Endoscopic Services at the RBWH and an Executive member of the Gastroenterology Society of Queensland (GESQ). He currently hold the titles of CEO and Director of Medical Services at the Eastern Endoscopy Centre.

To Contact Dr John Gibbons
Please Call
3820 4555
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