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Dr Amol Moray 

Paediatric Cardiologist 

Dr Amol Moray is a paediatric and fetal cardiologist with expertise in the holistic care of paediatric heart problems, from unborn babies (fetuses) till late adolescence. He finds it a privilege to support families in understanding and managing the cardiac conditions that babies and children can experience and works closely with their GP and Paediatrician to ensure solid network of support. Dr Moray also works as a staff specialist in Paediatric Cardiology at the Gold Coast University Hospital. Dr Moray is fluent in English, Hindi and Marathi. Dr Moray trained in paediatric and fetal cardiology in Australia and Canada.

Services Provided

·        Clinical consultation

·        Echocardiography

·        12 lead ECG

·        1–7-day child friendly patch Holter monitor (no wires)

·        28-day event monitor

Children needing cardiac evaluation

·        Infants/children with murmur

·        Antenatally diagnosed cardiac defects like VSDs or vascular rings

·        Children suspected to have an arrhythmia – history of palpitations, syncope/presyncope, positive family history.

·        Cardiac screening with family history- e.g. bicuspid aortic valve, cardiomyopathy, mitral valve prolapse, Long QT syndrome

·        Baseline cardiology evaluation before starting medications like beta blockers/ADHD stimulant medications

·        Acquired cardiac issues- e.g. Kawasaki, myo-pericarditis, rheumatic heart disease.

Dr Moray is now offering paediatric cardiology consultations through his rooms at Sunnybank and Southport and can generally see patients within two weeks. Currently he is offering fetal cardiac services only at the MFM dept in the Gold Coast University Hospital.

Dr Moray welcomes calls from GPs and Paediatricians and his reception staff will put you in direct contact with him. Referrals can be sent via medical objects, fax or email. Dr Moray and his team can be reached at

To Contact Dr Amol Moray
Please Call
3345 8483
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