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Dr Babu 


Dr Ananthababu Sadasivan (Dr “Babu”) is an experienced Australasian Fellowship trained neurosurgeon who works in public and private practice in Brisbane specialising in brain, spine and peripheral nerve surgery. After his initial medical training in India he spent ten years working in neurosurgical centres around Australia including Monash in Melbourne, Nepean hospital in Sydney and teaching at Sydney University. He has completed a spine surgery fellowship at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane and General neurosurgery fellowship at Nepean hospital in Sydney.

Dr Sadasivan also holds a pain management fellowship, FFPMANZCA. He is a general neurosurgeon treating conditions of the brain and spine with particular interest in spinal degeneration, cranio-vertebral junction, brain tumours and minimally invasive and endoscopic surgery. He has research experience in computational flow dynamics of cerebrovascular conditions, surgical retraction pressure, spinal fusion, head injury outcome, shunt infection etc.

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